Hello! My name's Nicole, I'm 24 and live in beautiful Western Australia. I had an idea one day to design some eco friendly t-shirts with proceeds helping a non-profit charity. As a passionate vegan and ocean lover, I wanted to do something to raise some more awareness for our planet, so an idea turned into some mucking around with drawings, I made my first 'Be Kind To The Ocean' logo and then The Be Kind Tribe was created.

All proceeds have been going to Balu Blue Foundation, who aim to educate and inspire sustainable and ethical living, that minimises our harm to the oceans, animals, and our planet as a whole. A total of $3000 has been donated so far! My aim is to donate to various conservation charities throughout the year.

A lot of people are unaware of the positive impact that they can make personally. The most sustainable and kind thing you can do for our oceans (and planet) is to lower the amount of animal products you consume, eat more plant-based foods, and try lower your plastic usage. Helping in the community with beach clean ups is also a great way to make a positive difference, and get out in nature too!

For more info I definitely recommend watching these documentaries (in this order if possible):
1. Forks Over Knives, or What The Health (health) - Free on Netflix
2. Cowspiracy (environment) - Free on Netflix
3. Earthlings (ethics)

Feel free to follow my instagram to keep updated on what we're up to! @thebekindtribe  @nicole_mrie        

Thank you everybody and keep spreading the kind vibes!