100% profits towards ocean conservation

About Us

My name's Nicole, I'm 24 and live in beautiful Western Australia. The Be Kind Tribe was an idea created with the intention of spreading a message of kindness and encouragement, with 100% profits going to charity. This was my biggest motivator and will continue to be for as long as TBKT is around. We try to be as sustainable as possible, using organically sourced materials and reducing waste where we can; but always looking for more ways to minimise our footprint on the Earth. Our apparel is simple, but it means something - and we hope it means something to you, too! 

A total of $4000 has been raised and donated so far, supporting a few different organisations. Check out our Donations page! We hope to find local groups to support in the near future who are out there making positive change.


How you can personally be kind to our oceans (and planet):

    1. Lower the amount of animal products you consume.
    2. Lower your plastic usage - no single use!
    3. Eat more plant-based foods.
    4. Reduce your carbon emissions (ride to work, use renewable energy, use energy wisely!)
    5. Use eco friendly bathroom and laundry products. 
    6. Help in the community via beach clean ups. Search Facebook groups in your local area!


I'm forever grateful and humbled by all of the support TBKT receives, and know that it wouldn't be possible without you all. Thank you. 

Nicole xx