I'm very conscious about where our material is sourced, and being as ethical as possible has always been a priority of mine when starting this business.

All apparel is printed in Australia, using eco-friendly plant based inks. Currently, all t-shirts and tote bags are made by Continental Clothing Company (CCC), which is based in India, using organic cotton. Under their brand EarthPositive, the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS (Global Organic Standard). Continental Clothing Company has been licensed under the GOTS since 2007. Their facility has state of the art infrastructure, and works with Fair Work Foundation so that workers realise their rights to safe, dignified and properly paid employment. EarthPositive's manufacturing facility is also powered by wind and solar renewable energy, reducing its Carbon Footprint by 90%, and have worked with the CarbonTrust since 2007.

For more information about Continental Clothing Company and EarthPositive just head to www.clothingcompany.com/about/earthpositive

Why not organic cotton from Australia? The truth is that 98% or more of cotton farmers in Australia use Genetically Modified crops, making it extremely difficult for ethical clothing brands to source organic cotton that is readily available, and affordable. India is one of the biggest suppliers of organic cotton in the world, and I have been extremely careful in selecting a company that sources their raw materials in the most sustainable way possible.

I'm always looking for ways to improve The Be Kind Tribe and reduce our environmental impact, so I have also thought about sourcing my apparel from farms in Bali, Indonesia, like a lot of other ethical Australian clothing brands. Because Indonesia is in close proximity to my home in Australia, I hope to travel there to see their organic farming practices first hand, meet the farmers and garment workers, and also make regular trips to keep connected to the farm and be confident with where our products are produced. I currently feel confident about where our apparel is sourced, but in the long run, somewhere closer to home where I can visit several times a year would be ideal. I'm so happy with the style and how my current t-shirts feel and fit (love a good fitting T), so this transition and actually finding a certified farm could take a while, but I'll be keeping everybody posted when I do make the change!