~ 100% profits towards ocean conservation ~


Our mission is simple but important - creating awareness and meaningful conversation through our eco conscious clothing.

We have been committed since day 1 to donating 100% of all profits to non-profit organisations. We will to continue to do so in the future, with the hope of  supporting a wide range of sustainable organisations who are committed to making the world a kinder, happier place for all.


Balu Blue Foundation

Founded by marine biologist and influencer Brinkley Davies, Balu Blue Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a purpose of education, research and conservation, for protection and enhancement of the natural environment.
Their mission "involves scope of primary research in marine environments, wildlife species, rescue of native wildlife, and restoration of destroyed habitats. We aim to share educational material to assist in the preservation of these crucial habitats.
Balu Blue Foundation aims to educate and inspire sustainable and ethical living, that minimises our harm to the oceans, animals, and our planet as a whole."

The Be Kind Tribe is proud to have donated $3000 towards Balu Blue's conservation efforts which assisted with the construction of a wildlife sanctuary in South Australia, Two Songs Sanctuary, a forever home for orphaned native wildlife. We helped fund wildlife and predatory proof fencing for the sanctuary's 8 acres, and provide safe shelters and structures for specific species.