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GuppyFriend Washing Bag - STOP! MICRO WASTE

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Did you know that over 700,000 synthetic plastic fibres are released into our rivers and oceans with every single wash? The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is the first scientifically approved solution to prevent microfibers from entering our waterways. It results in fewer fiber losses and thus helps your garments last longer. Those microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag. Help stop micro waste! 

  • Reduces fibre shedding by an average of 79% for partly synthetic clothes and 86% for completely synthetic textiles
  • Protects your clothes while still allowing the water and detergent to clean
  • Filters the few fibres that do shed and doesn’t lose any itself
  • Daily reminder of the impact of your purchases and washing habits
  • 50 × 74 cm (19.7" × 29.1")


All profits going towards ocean conservation.
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